AT-5301 Hybrid Vehicle Systems Module

AT-5301 Hybrid Vehicle Systems Module

This comprehensive instructional module plugs directly into the Advanced Autotronics Simulator workstation designed to train students on modern hybrid vehicle systems. The topics covered on this board include: Nickel metal battery characteristics, charging battery with motor-generator #1, starting engine with motor-generator #1, driving performance with motor-generator #2, regenerative braking with motor-generator #2, DC-DC booster for main electric drive, DC to 3 phase AC variable frequency inverter, 12 VDC converter for accessory battery, current sensors, hybrid electronic control unit, and troubleshooting exercises. The simulator comes with interactive courseware which contains essential theory enhanced with vivid simulations, guided exercises that interact with the Hybrid Vehicle simulator, guided diagnostic exercises and self-assessment exercises.


Note: This item requires AT-5000 Autotronics Workstation


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