DAR-3322 Advanced Air Conditioning (Industrial)

DAR-3322 Advanced Air Conditioning (Industrial)

The DAR-3322 Advanced Air-conditioning training system is a functional, compact and modular unit that connects to the DAR-3301 Main Platform Unit.


  • Plug-in aluminum module 75 x 38 x 8 cm
  • Transparent air-conditioning tunnel with door
  • Evaporator with electric blower
  • Temperature sensors (2)
  • Electric control valve
  • Thermal Load
  • Quick connect / disconnect to main platform unit
  • Quick connect / disconnect electrical contacts

Humidity sensor

Advanced (Industrial) Air Conditioning Experiments

  • Introduction to industrial refrigeration
  • Principles of operation and components. Principles of cooling
  • Regulation devices
  • System response
  • Parallel and series connection of evaporators
  • Defrosting components
  • Fitting techniques with refrigerant gas

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